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Education Transcripts in Guyana

Education Transcripts

Education transcripts from Guyana’s education facilities will be needed to pursue jobs, future education pursuits, and to join professional organizations in other parts of the world.

Trying to arrange that from out of Guyana is almost impossible (We’ve tried that).  Nothing in Guyana is electronically stored and a transcript, certificate copies or statements of study will need to be obtained after pouring over boxes and boxes of documents.

YourRepInGuyana can assist with that in arranging with your transcript or copies from:-

  • The University of Guyana-Turkeyen Campus
  • The University of Guyana Berbice Campus
  • Guyana Technical Institute
  • New Amsterdam Technical Institute
  • Cyril Potter College of Education
  • Secondary School Transcripts
  • Other Institutions

Standard Processing of Transcript.

The Institution Will Mail Out to You A Transcript by Guyana Post. In Some cases, The Institution Will mail a copy to a requested institution/business.
If expedited processing of transcript is needed, then the Institution will send by a courier the transcript to the requested institution/business. The courier is by their choice. If the transcript is given to us, YourRepInGuyana will use DHL to courier it to you.

In most cases, these kinds of information will be needed to process a transcript request.
Your Name (required)
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Your Tel# (required)
Select School/University/Institution(required)
Enter Shipping Address for Transcripts(required)
Provide Year of Study, Date of Graduation, Student Number, Course of Study, Faculty, Maiden Name (If Changed).
The Cyrill Potter College of Education requests a date of birth as it seems some of their records are stored based on a date of birth.

Attach Documents If Necessary as an attachment.