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Pay Rates and Taxes in Guyana

Is your Property Taxes Bills fully paid and up to date?

Many of the CDC’s and NDC’s in Guyana cannot be depended to keep good records. Its up to you to pay the Property Tax and keep the receipts to show payment. With little regards for documentation preservation and accurate record keeping, its now up to the homeowner to prove that the taxes are paid.

YourRepInGuyana will pay the following Taxes

  • Residential Property Tax (Known as Land Rates in Guyana)
  • Commercial Property Tax
  • Agriculture and Farming Land Tax
  • Lease Land Taxes from the Lands and Surveys Departments for Land / farms on the Linden Highway and other lands under the jurisdiction of the Lands and Surveys Department.
  • Mining Concessions Land Rates/Tax

These regions and councils in Guyana.

Region 1:  Mabaruma / Kumaka / HosororoMatthews Ridge / Arakaka ( Matakai ) / Port Kaituma

Region 2:  Good Hope / Pomona, Riverstown / Annandale, Zorg – En – Vlygt / Aberdeen, Paradise / Evergreen ( Including Somerset and Berks ), Charity / Urasara, Municipality. Anna Regina

Region 3:     Patentia / Toevlugt, Canals Polder, Nismes / La Grange, Meer Zorgen / Malgre Tout, Klein Pouderoyen / Best, Nouvelle Flanders / La Jalousie, Blankenburg / Hague
Cornelia Ida / Stewartville, Uitvlugt / Tuschen, Vergenoegen / Greenwich Park, Good Hope / Hydronie, Parika / Mora.

Region 3: The Islands of Leguan ( Essequibo Islands ), Wakenaam ( Essequibo Islands).

Region 4:     Cane Grove Land Development Scheme, Vereeniging / Unity, Grove / Haslington, Enmore / Hope, Foulis / Buxton, La Reconnaissance / Mon Repos, Triumph / Beterverwagting, La Bonne Intention / Better Hope, Plaisance / Industry, Eccles / Ramsburg, Mocha / Arcadia, Herstelling / Little Diamond, Diamond / Golden Grove, Good Success / Caledonia, Te Huist Coverden / Soesdyke, Municipality City of Georgetown.

Region 5:  Gelderland / No 3, Rosignol / Zeelust, Bel Air / Woodlands, Woodley Park / Bath, Naarstigheid / Union, Tempe / Seafield, Rising Sun / Profit, Abary / Mahaicony
Chance / Hamle, Farm / Woodlands.

Region 6:     Jackson Creek / Crabwood creek, No.74 Village / No.52 Village, No.51 Village / Good hope, Joppa / Macedonia, Tarlogie / Maida, Bush Lot / Adventure, Hogstye / Lancaster, Whim / Bloomfiel, John / Port Mourant, Hampshire / Kilcoy, Fyrish / Gibraltar, Borlam ( No.37 ) / Kintyre, No. 38 / Ordnance Fortlands, Cane Field / Enterprise
Black Bush Polder land Development Scheme, Enfield / New Doe Park, Municipality Corriverton, Municipality Rose Hall, Municipality New Amsterdam.

Region 7:  Bartica
Region 8: Not Serviced
Region 9: Not Serviced
Region 10:     Kwakwani, Municipality Linden

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The payments will be made and a scanned copy of the receipt will be emailed to you and a hard copy of the receipts will be mailed out afterwards by regular mail.