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Pay Rates GGMC and Lands & Surveys


YourRepInGuyana will pay your rates and taxes to the GGMC and the Lands and Surveys Department.

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This land rates payment in Guyana, includes the mailing of the payment receipt to you by Guyana Post regular mail. A scanned copy of this receipt will be sent via email to you.

Should this physical receipt be needed urgently, then the expedited Shipping option must be added and the receipt will be sent via Fedex or DHL from Georgetown Guyana.

All prices paid includes a service fee, and postage by normal methods. i.e. by Guyana Post.

Your information will be added to our system and the scanned receipt, and all payments made can be viewed at

You will be invited to log into this portal after the order.

Should there be any questions please call 1-877-835-7510 ext 145.

After the order, you will be contacted on the phone number or email provided, for information on the name, address, Lot # for the rates to be paid in.

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Region 3(Coast), 4, 5, Region 1,2,3(Islands),6,7,9,10

Rates To Pay

US$15.38 Guy$3000, US$20.51 Guy$4000, US$25.64 Guy$5000, US$30.77 Guy$6000, US$35.90 Guy$7000, US$41.03 Guy$8000, US$46.15 Guy$9000, US$51.29 Guy$10000, US$56.41 Guy$11000, US$61.54 Guy$12000, US$66.67 Guy$13000, US$ 71.80 Guy$14000, US$76.92 Guy$ 15000, US$82.05 Guy$16000, US$87.18 Guy$17000, US$92.31 Guy$18000, US$97.44 Guy$19000, US$102.56 Guy$20000, US$107.70 Guy$21000, US$112.82 Guy$22000, US$117.95 Guy$23000, US$123.08 Guy$24000, US$128.21 Guy$25000, US$133.33 Guy$26000, US$138.46 Guy$27000, US$143.59 Guy$28000, US$148.72 Guy$29000, US$153.85 Guy$30000


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