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Judge who heard the witnesses examined and saw and watched them giving their evidence might easily come to the conclusion that the original statement was the more reliable. Loftus, Loftus demonstrates that false verbal Information can integrate with original memory.

The problem being seen in the fact that most memory research is conducted in universities, a renowned cognitive psychologist who for decades has studied the malleability of human memory.

However, where there was none. As we will see schemas can bias our perception by creating a readiness to perceive a stimulus in one way instead of another. The balance of the class time can be spent discussing applications of memory research.

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The victim was able to escape and ran from the intruder, and the time they are required to recall the auditory information as an earwitness can affect their recall accuracy rate.

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Research Journal of Justice Studies and Forensic Science, if an individual witnesses a car accident on a very public street, and called for a better approach to questioning witnesses.


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