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Tenant Management and Rent Collection in Guyana

How safe is your property?

Whether it’s an investment or an eventual home, it needs to be protected. Encroachers and miscreants usually act on property that is obviously un-watched. If you can’t do it, then we can do it for you. Be warned of any misuse of your property as soon as possible.

You’ve bought a flat or a house and it’s lying vacant. You don’t want to rent it out. But you still need to keep an eye on it. Is it being vandalized or misused? Is there water damage? Are the windows broken? Are there pigeons nesting in your expensive kitchen? If you can’t keep an eye on it, then we can do it for you. Step in early and protect your property.

Key Rental Deliverables

We will help you protect your property, supervise your tenant and collect your rent. Ideal for busy landlords or landlords who cannot visit the property regularly.
Inventory Check

We will inspect your Property at commencement of contract, take pictures and make an inventory checklist of all the items available in the property (like furniture, fixtures, etc.).

Rental Agreement Drafting

We will draft and finalize rental / lease agreement in liaison with the owner and the tenant.(if needed). In the event that you cannot be present, we will provide the necessary paperwork for a limited/ specific power of attorney so that we, or a representative of your choosing, can sign on your behalf.

In such cases, Power of attorney adjudication charges applies and any lawyer fees will be billed extra.

Explaining Restrictions and Responsibilities

At the time of the signing of the lease, we will explain the limitations, restrictions and responsibilities of both parties.
InspectionsOur Executive will co-ordinate with your tenant, inspect the property and send you a report. Four (4) inspections in a year at periodic intervals or on a need basis are included in the package. However, a schedule for the visits will be drawn in advance and informed at the time of commencement of service. Extra visits required will be charged.

Rental Property Exit Inventory Check

At the time of moving in and vacating, we will do a thorough check of inventory to make sure that your property has been protected.

Rent Collection and Deposit.

At the beginning of the month, we will collect the rent and deposit it in your bank account based on your instructions.

Utility Bill Payments (Optional)

Depending on the terms of the rental agreement, we can handle your utility bill payments for you. Assistance will be provided to make payment of Electricity bill, Maintenance bill and water bill.


Service fees mentioned will be applicable only within city limits (25 Km radius). For places beyond the city limits, additional service fees may apply and will be billed extra.Every Location is Case Specific and these will have to be discussed.