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1.0 Most tasks will take approximately 14 days to complete except where otherwise stated.  Time is needed to send funds to Guyana, and then to arrange the task that is required. Thereafter, if a receipt is needed, then, that will then be sent via regular post to you.

2.0 If your errand is an emergency and MUST BE DONE NOW, then that has to be conveyed to us AT THE BEGINNING OF THE ERRAND. For emergency errands, then special effort will need to be made to complete these tasks. Additional service fees will be required for all emergency errands.

3.0 All postings will be done via regular mail from Guyana to you. Should documents be needed urgently, then DHL or another courier can be used and these courier fees will have to be added in to the service fees charged.

4.0 Mail has a mysterious way of disappearing when being sent to Guyana. We suggest that Laparkan Courier Service or another appropriate service for reliability purposes.

5.0 Once a task has been started, then it cannot be cancelled. If a cancellation is requested and work has begun, there will be no refunds. Refunds are given provided the task has not begun.

6.0 All payments will be made to MK Online Distribution Inc., a Federally Registered Corporation in Ontario, Canada. Payments will appear on your credit/debit card statement as MKOnline.

7.0 Payments requests will be made thru PayPal and a credit/debit card can be used to pay us. A PayPal account can be used, however, that is optional.

8.0 Once a task is handed over to us, then no other person is allowed to be involved in the task. Please keep your friends and family out, unless they are a part of the required errand.

9.0 YourRepInGuyana reserves the right not to complete tasks that it deems unfit/undesirable or uncomfortable with.

10.0 YourRepInGuyana reserves the right to ask for identification documents of persons requesting services and copies of the back and front of any Credit/Debit card used for payments together with government issued photo ID.

11.0 Payments can be made via Bank Transfer and this information can be provided if requested.

12.0 YourRepInGuyana is not a courier or a shipping company. Packages will not be accepted overseas for deliveries in Guyana. There are many such companies around and you are encouraged to source one for such activities. The only exception here is that we can buy something in Guyana and deliver it to someone else as per a normal errand.

13.0 YourRepInGuyana can be appointed as a Power of Attorney in Guyana to act on your behalf, in execution of a rental/property management agreement, or to prepare a lawsuit on your behalf, or as otherwise required.

14.0 In the completion of tasks agreed upon,  your private data such as names, addresses, credit/debit numbers, passport details, date of birth and other personally identifiable information may need to be collected. None of these information will be distributed to third parties or sold. This information will be used solely for the purposes agreed upon and nothing else.

15.0 All payments on this website are to be made in US$.

16.0 All countries in the world are serviced even thought the most popular locations are the USA, Canada. UK, and the West Indies.

17.0 These terms and conditions will change from time to time without any notification of such changes.

18.0 All agreements will be made according to the Laws of Canada, Government of Ontario.